Celtics will be OK without Allen; is Ellsbury next to leave Boston?

MLB’s All-Star break is over and it’s back to work time for the Red Sox. The season is actually a little past the halfway point and that got me thinking a bunch of half thoughts (kind of a Maine thing, right?) on the Sox and other topics.  For instance…
— I’m half thinking this just isn’t going to be the year for the Sox. The injuries, the clubhouse issues, the pitching. Just a lot of bad karma.
— While I’m not thinking I want to be 17 again, I am more than half thinking I’d like to have a golf game like newly crowned Maine Amateur Golf Champ, 17-year-old Seth Sweet. The Madison teenager goes for the New England Amateur title this week at the Falmouth CC.
— I’m more than half thinking this — can the person who decided to have the USA
Olympic team’s uniforms made in China, step forward please. I want to see what stupid looks like.
— Just days away from the start of the 2012 Summer Games, I’m more than half thinking (and more than half ticked off) about the fact that baseball and softball are no longer official Olympic sports. But trampoline and shooting are?
— I really don’t want to say this one, but, I’m half thinking the Celtics will be OK without Ray Allen.
— And it really kills me to say this one, but, I’m half thinking “wonder what the Sox could get in a trade for Jacoby Ellsbury?”
— I’m sure a few school administrators at Penn St are more than half thinking right now, “why didn’t we just report what we knew at the time.”
— By the way, suppose former Patriots coach Bill O’Brien, now Penn St head coach is half thinking “what did I get myself into here?”
— And speaking of the Patriots, this year’s opponents had a .453 winning percentage last season, making the Pats schedule the easiest in the NFL. I’m more than half thinking Coach Bill’s crew should win a lot of games this fall.
— I am half thinking I would take Bryce Harper over Mike Trout. I am also half thinking I would take Mike Trout over Bruce Harper.
— I’m half thinking about B’s goalie Tim Thomas. I wonder what he’s thinking — and then I realize that he is apparently only half thinking these days.
— I’m more than half thinking these days, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

— Talk about your road trips… when the Senior Little League World Series begins in Bangor next month, the baseball boys from Auckland, New Zealand, will be a first time representative of the Asia-Pacific Region. Also making a first appearance at Mansfield Stadium is a team from Guatemala, representing the Latin American Region. A team from Italy is the European region winner.
— Speaking of Little League, the six best 11- and 12-year-old teams in Maine play for the Little League state championship this weekend in Bar Harbor. The winning team goes to a regional in Bristol, Conn., and then, just maybe, on to the LLWS. By the way, the Maine champion team will find it tougher to hit home runs in Bristol. Fences have been moved back to 225 feet (from about 200 feet), same distance as the fields in Williamsport.
— It saddened me to read in the Morning Sentinel that the Augusta American Legion baseball team had to forfeit a doubleheader because of lack of players. The forfeits, combined with other game results, got the team from Madison into the zone playoffs without having to play games on Saturday.
— It’s Lobster Bowl East vs. West football week.  Hey Mother Nature, give ’em a break with the heat!
— I knew Ray Allen was No. 1 all time with three-pointers (2,718) but how about this…newly acquired Jason Terry is 4th all time (1,788), Paul Pierce is 9th (1,678) and then I started thinking about all those 3s by Larry Bird. Turns out Larry Legend had only 649. I would swear he had more than that!
— Fleetwood Mac is getting back together for a 2013 tour. I’d buy a Waterfront Concert ticket for that show. How about you?