Cleanup swing: Theriault following Craven, no triple crown for Cabrera, 50/70 baseball field coming

I spent the Labor Day Weekend cleaning  out the sports mind, trying to move my brain from summer to fall. Just like cleaning out the camp, there are some things to keep and some things to throw out….
*   Is it just me or does the release of the Farmers’ Almanac happen earlier and earlier every year. I love to read it but I do not want to read about a cold and snowy winter ahead during the month of August. Can we enjoy a little more late summer first.
*   Bobby V cannot return as Sox manager now. No way. No how.
*   You know when you’re driving down the interstate and you see police lights flashing and a car in the ditch, you slow down and crane your neck to see what’s going on? I kind of felt like that watching Penn State football Saturday afternoon.
*   Just think…a year from today the new Bangor Arena should be open.
*   Seems weird… I feel sorry for Wes Welker having to go year-to-year for a contract with the Patriots and yet that’s exactly what I want the Red Sox to do with David Ortiz.
*   Wonder if we finally have the next Ricky Craven in Fort Kent’s Austin Theriault?
*   After seeing Mike Trout and Bryce Harper — hey Red Sox, why not let 19-year-old Xander Bogaerts come up and play shortstop this month. Let’s see what happens.
*   Another summer of major golf tournaments has come and gone. No wins for Tiger Woods. He turns 37 in December.  The scoreboard reads: Jack 18, Tiger 14.
*   45 years ago (1967) Yaz won the batting Triple Crown. No one has done it since. Detroit’s Miquel Cabrera is close this summer. Sorry Miquel, here’s hoping you don’t.
*   Prediction:  There will be a lockout later this month in the NHL, but it won’t last long.
*   The newest thing in baseball just might be the 50/70 field. A 50-foot pitching mound with 70-foot base paths, designed to ease junior high age players from the LL field to the big field. A brand new LL World Series for this division starts next year.
*   The more I think about that huge Red Sox/Dodgers trade, the more I think it shows the underlying divide in the Sox clubhouse, especially when it comes to Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. They were the hired-guns guys while players like Pedroia and Papi represented hometown discount guys. Rightly or wrongly, they could not co-exist.
*   When it started back in September of 1979, they said it wouldn’t last. On September 13th, ESPN will broadcast its 50,000th SportsCenter show. Can you imagine a world without nah-nah-nah….nah-nah-nah!
*   And speaking for everyone who wants to say it…where did summer go!