Team golf — high school and international — provides intriguing look at the sport

Gimme some more of that team golf!
I know, I know, golf is supposed to be about individual play. You are supposed to play the course not your opponent.
But after spending an afternoon covering the the PVC high school golf championship this week and then following  the Ryder Cup weekend, I say it again…gimme some more of that team golf.
Thursday at the Jato Highlands course in Lincoln, 21 teams from Fort Kent to Deer Isle-Stonington were trying to get one of the seven team spots in Saturday’s state championship. At the end of the day MDI, Presque Isle, Hermon, Foxcroft, Houlton, DI-Stonington and GSA won those spots.
Yes, if a boy shot 90 or better they could play in the state individual tournament too. Girls had to shoot 110 or better. But let’s face it, the only way your school team makes it to the states is having four or five teammates play well on a September afternoon. Just like basketball or football or baseball — it takes a team to win a title. It’s neat to see young golfers grasp that concept.
That’s exactly what the game’s best players did over the weekend at the Ryder Cup. Every two years it’s the USA vs Europe and it is must-see TV. I’m quite sure world golf records were set for number of fist bumps, high fives, hugs, slaps on the back and smiles. Most of time golfers play for themselves but for three days in September they play for a team. What a difference.
A birdie at Jato in Lincoln or a birdie at Medinah in Chicago meant the same thing — you did something to help your golf team.
I love it…Gimme some more of that team golf!

— Speaking of golf, the Bangor HS golf team enters postseason play with an undefeated record.
— That $50,000 fine on Bill Belichick for grabbing the ref represents 6/10th of one percent of his salary. Think he’ll notice?
— As Derek Jeter keeps moving up the all-time hits list, I started counting. I discovered that I have seen 13 of the top 20-hit leaders in my lifetime. Does that make me old?
— Last week I blogged about major college coaches vs the media. Add UCLA’s Jim Mora to the list. He kicked all media and his sports information department staff out of practice the other day.
It has gotten so bad with USC and UCLA football that the LA Times newspaper no longer covers those school’s practices.
— Kevin Garnett never changes. “I don’t have Ray’s number anymore,” said KG at Celtics media day. And you didn’t think Celtics vs Heat could get better?
— Former Bangor HS soccer standout Phil Frost, now a Husson sophomore, is picking up where he left off his freshman year. Frost has 7 goals and 4 assists in the Eagles first 9 games. Frost led the Eagles with 16 goals last season.
— Betcha Bobby V. is gone by Friday!