Red Sox season turned out to be a joke

What are the chances.
I’m watching the Red Sox go through the motions in another loss during the final week of the season. I decide to look for a little snack while another bullpen bum enters the game. I open my freezer door and staring me in the face — Fenway Fudge, The Official Ice Cream Of The Boston Red Sox!
So I said, what the heck, it’s got to be Hood to be Good.
And then a funny thing happened…I took about four or five spoonfuls of the ice cream and I couldn’t finish my snack — kind of like the Sox starting rotation! ( Cue rimshot please!!)
You know what. The whole season turned out to be a joke…
Q: What song did Sox fans sing before the bottom of the ninth inning?
A: Nobody knows. They all left Fenway early.
Q: What did the ’12 Sox and possums have in common?
A: Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.
Q: What’s the difference between a Red Sox player and a baby?
A: The baby will stop whining after a while.
Q: What do the Sox and lawn furniture have in common?
A: They both fold and end up in the cellar after Labor Day.
Q: How many Red Sox players does it take to change a tire?
A: One, unless it’s a blowout, then they all show up.
Q: What do you call 25 millionaires watching the World Series?
A: The Boston Red Sox.
Q: What’s the difference between a Fenway Frank and a Yankee Dog?
A: You can buy a Yankee Dog in October.
Q: Why was an unidentified research boat anchored in Boston Harbor?
A: They were trying to find the Red Sox in the standings.
Q: How do you keep a Sox pitcher out of your yard?
A: Put up a strike zone sign.
Q: Why did the Boston Red Sox shut down their website?
A: They couldn’t string three “W’s” together.
OK, that’s enough from me….feel free to add to the list!

— Big Papi wants a multi-year deal. The Sox want to go year to year. How about a one year deal at DH money plus couple of years with money based on whether he’s still a DH or team ambassador type guy.
— Deer Isle-Stonington’s Sam Grindle is fun to watch on the basketball court but his real love is golf. After shooting a 3-under 69 at Natanis Saturday and gaining co-medalist honors, Grindle will be a favorite to win the Class C state individual title this week. He was runner up to Madison’s Seth Sweet a year ago.
— It seems hard to believe but the Red Sox were never more than five games over .500 at any point this season.
— Remember seeing Jade McCarthy on NESN and Carolyn Manno on  Comcast New England? Both move to the national scene, McCarthy to ESPN and Manno to NBC Sports.
— I know it’s early but I think Danny Ainge may have gotten another draft steal in Jared Sullinger.
— Maybe it’s just me, but there’s seems to be more tie games in high school soccer this fall. As I write this — 78 ties in boys games in the east. Statewide girls and boys I count a total of 234 tie games. Parity?