Some sports tricks (Giants, UMaine hockey) and treats (Scutaro, Doc Edwards) for Halloween

I’m handing out some sports tricks and treats for Halloween 2012….
Trick —  The San Francisco Giants winning a second world series championship in three years? This has to be a trick, right? Quick- name their starting shortstop… name their left fielder. You cannot convince me they are the best team in baseball. Hottest-yes. Best-no way.
Treat —  It is fun to see Marco Scutaro play on center stage. I think back to the Red Sox September 2011 and remember he was one of the few guys to play hard.
Trick —  For 17 straight games Scarborough HS field hockey had not given up a single goal. Then Skowhegan scored three in less than three minutes in the second half of the state title game.
Treat —  Skowhegan field hockey. The numbers are a treat to tell. 18-0 this season. 17 Eastern Maine titles in the last 20 years. 11 state championships in the last 12 years. Wow!
Trick —  Dr. Petty clears Dale Earnhardt to race. When I heard this for the first time I thought it had to be a trick. A doctor named Petty clearing Little E of concussion symptoms? Turns out he’s Dr. Jerry Petty, neurosurgeon.
Treat —  When asked the other day to name a manager who had a big influence on him, new Sox skipper John Farrell blurted out – Doc Edwards. It was 1984 and Doc was managing the upstart Triple A Maine Guides. Farrell, a young pitcher at the time, arrived in Old Orchard Beach during that season. I had the chance to interview Edwards several times that summer. Doc was an old time baseball lifer. A great story teller.
Trick —  A nasty trick the hockey gods have played on Bruins center Marc Savard. He said this week there is no comeback in the foreseeable future because of his concussion issues.
Treat —  As an injured player Savard can collect is full salary during the lockout. Good for him.
Trick —  UMaine hockey needs a trick… a hat trick…soon.
Treat —  I admit it. I’m an old time Notre Dame football fan. (anyone remember Lindsey Nelson and Irish football games on Sundays?) It is a treat to watch linebacker Manti Te’o. He really could win the Heisman Trophy.
Trick —  Bucksport had a little trick up its sleeve when playing Foxcroft in week 7 of the LTC, dropping the Ponies from the ranks of the unbeaten.
Treat —  Wonder which team gets the treat when they meet in the semifinal playoff game this week? Ditto – John Bapst vs Orono.
Trick —  Sometimes just a little marketing trick pays off in sports. I would classify Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’ “discount double check” as the latest example. Gotta admit those commercials are funny.
Treat —  I love the way Rodgers plays football. A chip on the shoulder and a smile on the face.
Trick —  As the new-look Celtics begin play this week, the trick is not to worry too much time on what happens against the Miami Heat on opening night. It’s a long NBA season.
Treat —  It is a treat to see Ray Allen shoot the basketball.. but I can’t stand seeing him in a Heat uniform.
Happy Halloween!