It’s time for some fact checking on Rondo, Ortiz, Hamilton, NHL

It happens every political cycle.
Debates. All those ads. Charges. Counter-charges. Quotes. Quotes taken out of context. Messages. Mixed Messages. Facts. Fiction. Fact checkers.
I’ve noticed a lot of the same things have been happening in the sports world too. So I went work to see if I could approve of some of the sports messages — after fact checking….
— NBA opening night when Rajon Rondo took down Miami’s Dwayne Wade with a hard foul. Wade said it was a “punk play” by Rondo.
Fact Check: A true case of it takes one to know one. Both Rondo and Wade are punks.
— On the day Dave Ortiz could have hit the open free agent market, word leaks from Texas that the Rangers might be interested in signing him. The Sox sign Papi to a 2-year / $26-million deal. “You all knew I wanted to be back. I’ve been here for a while. It doesn’t get any better” was the Ortiz quote.
Fact Check: While it can’t be proven the rumors about Rangers interest came from Papi’s agent, the ploy worked. And the fact is, the Sox really needed Ortiz next year.
— After an embarrassing loss in the home opener Friday, the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett talked about playing like a pack of hyenas during a players-only meeting. “Hyenas. Running in packs means that we help each other.”
Fact Check: Hyenas are known for stalking their prey and killing it. I’m thinking Ray Allen better be careful around KG the next time the C’s and Heat play.
— Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin tried to quell rumors about his team signing free agent slugger Josh Hamilton. Brewers hitting coach Johnny Narron was Hamilton’s “accountability coach” when he was with Texas. Said GM Melvin, “We’ve got the connection with Johnny Narron but we don’t have the connection with U.S. Bank.”
Fact Check: Best line of the week.
— The Patriots allowed their assistant coaches to talk to the media during the bye week (thanks Bill). Cornerbacks coach Josh Boyer(who knew) said his players are improving, “there are some good things we’ve done and there are some things that we need to improve on.”
Fact Check: No kidding.
— NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly on cancelling the Winter Classic game. “We are extremely disappointed for our fans and for all those affected.”
Fact Check:  As with any negotiation, it takes two to tango. A pox on the houses of owners and players.
I’m Dale Duff…and I approve this blog entry!

— Mike Carlos has coached two teams, in two different sports, from two different schools, one girls team (Washburn basketball), one boys team (Houlton soccer), to state championships in 2012.
— While Westbrook football lost in the semifinals over the weekend, it should be noted that former Bangor Ram Jeff Guerette, the Blue Blazes head coach, has done a great job turning around the fortunes of football in that town.
— I think Foxcroft vs. John Bapst is going to be one heck of a football game to decide the LTC championship.
— We know about the miserable season of the Sox. But how quickly has it turned for the Yankees — from winning the most games in the AL to a team considered old, injured and filled with question marks