Rondo is crazy good…. and crazy bad!

I love watching Rajon Rondo play basketball!
I hate watching Rajon Rondo play basketball!
I admit it. The enigmatic Boston Celtics point guard drives me crazy. He is crazy good and crazy bad!
So talented…yet so temperamental. All those moves…yet all those moods…
I love it when he sticks those line drive jumpers…I hate it when he stinks at the foul line.
I love those no-look bounce passes…I hate that look of indifference he wears some nights.
I love those flawless drives to the hoop that end with a spinning layup…I hate when he flops to the floor after that drive for no reason.
I love how he stood up for Kevin Garnett the other night and started a fight…I hate that he did that – it seemed so unnecessary.
I love that he admitted going to Mexico for a little R&R during the two game suspension…I hate his answer when asked if there were any lessons learned from the fight and suspension. He said no.
I love the consecutive game streak of double-digit assists each game…I hate that he came back in late during one blowout game just to keep the streak going.
I love the idea that he wants the Celtics to be “his team”…I am scared to death that the Celtics are “his team”.
I love how he can play defense…I hate how he takes plays off on defense at times.
I love how Doc Rivers keeps saying Rondo has to be “the man”…I hate it when Doc says that because he knows better than anyone what an inconsistent point guard can mean.
I love how he gets jacked up to play against star guards like Deron Williams and Chris Paul…I hate when he goes through the motions against Joe Average guard.
I guess there is only one thing I can do – anyone want to join me on the set of Dr. Phil to talk this thing through?

— Call me crazy, but the best pickup so far for the Red Sox is reliever Koji Uehara.
— Dear Santa: I would like a stocking filled with goal scorers. Signed, Tim Whitehead.
— Do you think Josh Beckett will take Zack Greinke under his wing in Dodgerland, kind of like he did with Jon Lester?
— Last year UMaine football’s season ended with a playoff loss to Georgia Southern. This year the Eagles take out Madison,Maine’s Bob Wilder and his Old Dominion team. Wilder now takes his ODU  to FBS football in 2013.
— No more Thursday night NFL games…please. Just not same buzz.
— How To Lie With Stats: Kevin Garnett fails to get a single rebound for the first time in 16 years…Celtics beats Philly 92-79.
— The Ford C. Frick Award goes to the late Tom Cheek, the longtime Blue Jays play-by-play guy. The Frick Award is part of baseball’s Hall of Fame honors each year. In an earlier blog, I mentioned Sox broadcaster Joe Castiglione needs to win this award at some point.