It’s time to say thanks to former Bruins goalie Tim Thomas

So the Boston Bruins trade goalie Tim Thomas to the New York Islanders. Somehow I get the feeling the whole deal fell through the cracks. I get the sense most people say “hey, he’s a little whacko, he’s taking the year off, the Bruins are playing well, Tuukka Rask is playing well, no big deal.”
I feel like I need to say something about Thomas. Someone needs to say thanks for all he did in a Bruins uniform. So here is my open letter to Tim…
Dear Tim:
First and foremost, thanks for eight great years wearing the spoked-B uniform. I loved the way you flopped around the ice stopping everything you could. I’ll never forget the way you competed every night.
Your 196-win total is 4 more wins than Roger Clemens and Cy Young in a Sox uniform.
Your 10,533 saves seems like a lot bumps and bruises over the years.
Two Vezina Trophies. Pretty good.
Your career ‘adjusted point shares” is better than the famous Ken Dryden. (Please don’t ask me to explain what “adjusted point shares” is)
Your 2.07 GAA career playoff stat is incredible.
I don’t think the B’s would have won the Stanley Cup in 2011 without you. Your 16-9 record, 1.98 GAA and 94 save percentage during that run might never be duplicated.
And let’s face it, your quote about Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo during that series will go down as an all-time great. Remember when Luongo said he had said nice things about you, but he didn’t hear you say anything good about him. “I guess I didn’t realize it was my job to pump his tires. I guess I have to apologize for that.” Beautiful.
It does seem a little quirky to take a year off at age 38, but hey, only you know if you really can afford to pass up $3-million-bucks.
It’s really none of my business but I really do wonder what happened.
Did all this start when you didn’t want to go see President Obama? Couldn’t you have just made up an excuse why you couldn’t go? Did you just want a little more money? Did all those seasons playing in places like Helsinki, Houston and Hamilton before someone gave you a chance in the NHL gnaw at you? Mad that Vermont was ECAC and not Hockey East when you played there? Were you just tired of Tuukka talk? Mad at coach Claude? PO’d at Peter Chiarelli? Grew tired of Rene Rancourt’s anthem?
Just know that you will always be one of my favorite Bruins. I wish it all ended differently. I don’t wish a trade to the New York Islanders on my worst enemy.
But maybe, Tim, you are doing this to help the Bruins one last time. The team now gets to use your contract money to bring someone in via trade. The B’s are in great financial shape now.
And one more thing.
That “Peggy” guy in that Discover Card commercial – I hope you’re still not trying to deal with him.
Good Luck Tim,
Dale Duff

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