Tourney reflections: Madison McVicar’s skills, clone Steve Decker, Heal points work, green sneakers?

Reflections on a Tourney Week that went by way too fast….
— An Eastern Maine championship and career win 400…not a bad Saturday night for Penquis coach Tony Hamlin.
— My favorite nickname – Chris “Woofy” Kaiser from MDI.
— Do the Presque Isle girls players ever get tired?
— Same question for the Washburn girls?
— Someone needs to make a new rule  – no white numbers on white uniforms.
— It was very tough to watch Lawrence coach Mike McGee walk off the Augusta Civic Center floor in his final game as a coach, losing on a buzzer beater. Thankfully, he got a lot of hugs of support on the way back to the locker room.
— John Murray of Medomak Valley is a big dude.
— I think Calais sophomore Madison McVicar really does have a string attached to that basketball. Her ball handling skills are unbelievable.
— Even after hearing it year after year, I still get goose bumps when the MDI band starts playing “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
–Thank you Houlton band for playing “Sweet Caroline” Saturday night. I always think of it as a sign we are nearing the end of winter and springtime baseball can’t be far away.
— What’s up with all the lime green colored sneakers?
— “S1 9AM Thursday February 23, 1956. Mt Desert vs East Corinth.” The first game for the Class M and S tournament at Bangor Auditorium. “M1 10:30AM Pemetic vs Hallowell.” It says so right there in the original tourney program that basketball historian and coach Jamie Russell has.
— My favorite line  –  from Easton coach Dillon Kingsbury on what he told his team before his Bears knocked off Jonesport-Beals. “I told them to just go out and play. Have some fun. Don’t get weirded-out.”
— Considering it was kind of a construction site, I thought flow of traffic and fans was pretty good around “the Mecca/the Cross.”
— Who had the smoothest style and skills? My answer is Camden Hills’ Jordan Knowlton. She is one of the players who can drop 20 points on you and don’t even notice.
— Nick Gilpin’s buzzer beater shot is only the No. 4 ESPN play of the day?
— Toughest name to broadcast? It’s a tie – Medomak Valley’s Jonathan Hendrickson-Belloguet and Orono’s Ana Eliza Souza Cunha. Try saying those names during a fast break.
— Give me a team filled with Steve Decker (Central Aroostook) type players and I’ll win a lot of games.
— I am so glad John Shoppe is going to be OK.
— Best defensive job of the week might have been Cody Herbest of Penquis on Houlton’s Kyle Bouchard on Saturday night.
— How ‘bout a tip of the cap for all those school bus drivers logging all those miles.
— Durwood Heal’s point system comes through again. Five No. 1 teams, two No. 2’s and one No. 3 win Eastern titles. (Now,explain again how to figure those points.)
— I feel lucky to be on air broadcasting the Joe Campbell tip-in and now the Nick Gilpin buzzer beater. And I feel lucky to know Dewey Dewitt, the guy who called Mike Thurston’s shot.
— You will never convince me there is a sporting event in Maine that tops Tourney week.