Random thoughts: Loving and hating Joey Diamond, Garet Beal deserved all-star day, Carl Crawford needs to look in the mirror

Some sports thoughts while enjoying an extra hour of daylight savings time….
— Joey Diamond will leave Maine as one of the most discussed players to ever wear a Black Bear uniform. If you are a hockey fan tell me you have not hated, then loved the guy…all in the same minute of time during a game.
— Try saying this…”please welcome our new ambassador to North Korea, Dennis Rodman.”
— I think if I went back to college today I would try to get a degree in “bracketology”.
— Anyone surprised that Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves was in the middle of that World Baseball Classic brawl between Mexico and Canada? And now he returns to Sox camp because Mexico is eliminated from the WBC tournament.
— Tiger Woods still looks like a guy who’s life is miserable…even when he sinks a 25-foot putt.
— So more men have walked on the moon (13) than have scored a run in the playoffs (12) against Mariano Rivera. Now that’s a stat!
— By the way Sox nation…are we sure this Joel Hanrahan can close games in Boston?
— Where would the Boston Bruins be this season without Brad Marchand?
— Garet Beal really looked like he was having fun, a lot of fun, playing at McDonald’s all star day. After being the focal point of high school hoops all year, Mr. Basketball deserved a day like that.
— I’m going to cut down on the number of times I say “big dance” when talking about the NCAA tournament.
— I think I’ll pull for Gonzaga to win it all.
— I know Quinnipiac has had a great hockey season but if Quinnipiac is No. 1 in the country I’ve got to believe the NCAA tournament is wide open. Clearly Maine will have to win the Hockey East tournament to get there.
— Manny Ramirez is an EDA Rhinos player in Taiwan. Who says there is no justice?
— I can’t believe the Patriots and Wes Welker can’t come to some type of agreement. Are you kidding me.
— I think the high school all star day dunk contest is suffering from the same thing the NBA contest is suffering from…players are running out of ways to dunk the ball.
— I love hoops and hockey…but I’m ready for some springtime sports.
— At this stage of the NBA season, isn’t Doc Rivers the coach of the year for what he’s done with the C’s?
— Glad Carl Crawford could stop his 50-swing hitting-off-a-tee workout long enough to rip the Boston media…Can someone give that guy a mirror.
— Just thinking…with the number of talented juniors, the race for Mr. Basketball next year is going to be something…Gilpin, Bess, Lyford, Falmouth kids, et al.
— Looking forward to conference championship week…we’ve got the CAA, WCC, Patriot, Big 12 and ACC title games on 92.9TheTicket for you.