Baseball fans in Canada show lack of class in derisive Farrell chants

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little sick and tired of the sports fans north of our border.

O Canada…O get-a-life.

The treatment of Red Sox manager John Farrell over the weekend at Skydome (oh, excuse me-Rogers Centre) is just the latest example that many sports fans up there just don’t get it.

It’s bad enough that Montreal fans boo the US anthem at the Forum (oh, excuse me-Bell Centre) before the game against the Bruins.

Then their fans spend the night applauding the biggest bunch of floppers the sport of hockey has ever seen (and hockey is supposed to be your sport).

Remember a couple of years ago when Canadiens fans put out the call to Dudley Do-Right and the Mounties to arrest Zdeno Chara because he had the audacity to check one of their players. He (Max Pacioretty) got hurt — because of poorly designed glass boards (hey — why don’t you just worry about catching Snidely Whiplash).

And then over the weekend, John Farrell gets bombarded with boos, taunts and paper airplanes by 45,328 folks. The Maple Leafs must have been on the road. I checked the average attendance for Blue Jays games during Farrell’s two years as Toronto manager-about 24,000 a game, slightly more than Tampa Bay attendance.

John Farrell has become public enemy number one in Canada because he wanted to be manager in Boston instead of Toronto. And that, apparently shows a lack of loyalty.


The Blue Jays have been around since 1977. They have gone through 15 managers in their 37- year history. That’s an average of about two and a half years per manager.

Where’s the loyalty Toronto?

What I find fascinating on this Farrell situation is that it’s not just the fans. It’s the media and some of the players.

Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun wrote over the weekend, “He (Farrell) got what he wanted. He got out of his pesky contract with the Jays and secured his dream gig with the Red Sox. Clearly — given his obvious dispassion during his time with the Blue Jays — he cared very little for anything Toronto, the team, the  fans, they city.”

Hey Steve, not to bring up old history, but, why did your Maple Leafs fire coach Dick Duff after an 0-2 start to the season in 1979? (No relation to me but just wondering.)

Slugger Jose Bautista, “We respect John and his decision to pursue his dream job, if that’s what he called it. We would rather have him over there than here wishing he were there.”

Ouch. That hurts coming from a guy who has played for five different teams in his 10-year career.

Hey Toronto. Knock off the “FAAAA-RELL, FAAA-RELL” chants…

Maybe we’ll think about stopping the “KESSS-SEL, KESSS-SEL” stuff the next time there is a B’s-Leafs game at the Garden.



— How about the playoff rule in the NBA D-League. The division winners get to pick their playoff opponent. First-place Rio Valley Grande Vipers picked the No. 8 Maine Red Claws. I can hear the Red Claws coach in his locker room now ‘See that guys, they don’t respect us. They thought we were the worst team in the league. Now go show em’.

— I admit I know nothing about buildings and structural designs but as I crossed the Bangor-Brewer bridge the other day I noticed the roof on the new Cross Center rounded in design and the old Auditorium with the V-roof. I think the new design will be better. What do you think?

— When I watch Rick Pitino’s Louisville team play that defense,  I can’t help but think of Jeff Hart’s Camden Hills HS teams.

— B’s Milan Lucic is so big and tough and good…but somehow I always think he should be better. You with me on that?

— I am not adjusting well to this interleague game everyday thing in MLB.

— Who’s got the best job in the world this week? CBS play-by-play guy Jim Nantz — Final Four Monday, Masters Golf starting Thursday.

— How ‘bout this…four championships live on SportsRadio 92.9TheTicket this week. Monday-NCAA men’s hoops, Tuesday-NCAA women’s hoops, Saturday-NCAA hockey, Sunday-Masters golf.