It’s time for the Celtics GM to make some tough decisions on Doc, Pierce, KG and Rondo

Dear Danny:

I could see the look on your face the other night when the Knicks beat your Celtics in Game 6. It was a look of “we got beat by that pack of punks, in the first round? I do have a lot of off-season work to fix this!”


Let me be one of many to offer free, unsolicited advice.

First and foremost, you need to have a heart to heart with coach Doc Rivers. I love Doc and I know you do too. But, does he really want to start over? If you trade Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, let’s say face it, it’s a re-build job.

Now to Pierce and KG. You can’t trade or cut one without trading or cutting the other. So your choice is to get rid of both…or keep both. Trust me Danny, PP and KG ain’t the problem.

Your problem is with the Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Jerry Terry and Courtney Lee types. Those four guys are costing you almost the same amount as Pierce and Garnett combined salary. All four guys can say they know about Celtics pride but I don’t see any one of them willing to play hard – every night. So Danny, this is where you must work your magic. Trade some of these guys for a better fit for the team. I trust your eye for talent.

Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger are keepers. Plus, they total less than $4-million bucks on the salary cap.

Now, that brings us to Rajon Rondo. Look Danny, we know you tried to trade him before he got injured. So if you were willing to deal then, go ahead and try it again. See what you can get in return.

Those are your top nine players. I can see why you had that pained look on your face. You have got some monumental decisions to make.

Good luck and let me know if you need any more of my free advice.

P.S. Do not. Let me repeat – do not bring Jamal Crawford back. You agreed to give him $2 million for next year. You find a way to dump him. … Some of the unrestricted free agents this summer include Kyle Korver, Josh Smith, Ben Gordon,  Chris Kaman, JJ Reddick, Monta Ellis,  Al Jefferson, JR Smith and some guy named Howard…I think it’s Dwight Howard.

Thanks, Dale Duff


— By the way, KG was 12th in MVP voting.

— Could we get NHL players and MLB players to stop spitting during the national anthem. Could they just assume a camera is going to be on them and just hold the split for two minutes.

— Mike Fransoso, UMaine shortstop. All he does is lead the team in batting average, hits, runs scored, RBI, steals, total bases, slugging percentage and on base percentage.

— Manny Ramirez has passed David Ortiz on another home run list – this one is the slowest home run trot( Manny hit his 5th homer in Taiwan and took 29.44 seconds, exactly one second more than Papi’s 28.44 earlier in the year. Big Papi still owns three of the top five slowest trot times this season.

— USM baseball has won the LEC regular season title, St.Joe’s won the GNAC conference title, Husson may win the NAC title, UMaine is on track to win America East regular season title. I would say college baseball is alive and well in the Pine Tree State.

— Interesting that Alaska-Anchorage has suspended its search for a new hockey coach – after bringing in four finalists. School officials say they want to revamp the committee and criteria for hiring a new coach. Hmmm.

— Bruins playoff action continues on SportsRadio 92.9TheTicket this week. Perhaps this is the week the B’s flip that switch and get into playoff mode.