How would you rank Boston’s sports franchises?

I starting thinking the other day — this is an unbelievable time for Boston sports teams right now.

The Bruins are playing for the Stanley Cup. The Red Sox are in first place when no one thought they would be. The Celtics apparently want to trade their head coach, who happens to be the best in the business. The Patriots bring in some backup quarterback named Tim Tebow.


So then I started thinking — how would you rank the Boston franchises at the moment. Which one is tops? What about the other three?

Well, here we go…

No. 1 BRUINS:  I know, I know, you’re saying “of course, Duff, they are in the middle of the Stanley Cup Finals.” But it’s more than that. They are in the their second Cup Finals in three years. The B’s regular-season record in the last three years is 123-68-21.

The Bruins management seems stable. President Cam Neely, GM Peter Chiarelli and coach Claude Julien seem in sync. They speak with one voice.

And what’s more, the future looks as good as the present. Krug, Bartkowski, Hamilton, Soderberg, Svedberg, just to name a few.

Win or lose to Chicago, the Bruins are No. 1 in Boston right now.

No. 2 RED SOX: Let’s face it, it has been a tough couple of years for the Yawkey Way boys. But at this moment in time, the Sox are No. 2 in Beantown and it’s not just because they are in first place.

They seem to be a likeable bunch. Since the “dirt dogs year” we like our Sox to have dirty uniforms, free spirit and to show us they are having fun. Check, check and check.

Perhaps the best is yet to come. The farm system appears loaded with talent. Webster, Workman, Ranaudo, Barnes, Bradley Jr, Bogaerts. (Here’s a question — when is the last time you even thought about Daniel Bard?)

John Farrell seems to be the right guy at the right time. GM Ben Cherrington quietly goes about his work. And, owners are out of sight, which is probably a good thing.

The Sox need only to stay competitive this summer to stay #2 in Boston right now.

No. 3 PATRIOTS:  Yes, the Pats are the best team in their AFC division. Yes, they have Bill Belichick. But this franchise gets scored on Super Bowl wins and the last one came almost a decade ago. With all of the improving teams around the NFL, I see the Pats as just another very good team in a league made up of several very good teams.

I worry about Tom Brady and that “window” to get another ring. Do you really think he’s got enough talent to throw to this year?

Why the Tim Tebow thing? Why?

Ho hum…12-4 season…more playoff games…and No. 3 in Boston right now.

No. 4 CELTICS:  Where do I begin? Pierce and KG are older than dirt. Doc Rivers doesn’t want to rebuild. Danny Ainge does. The owners need to sell tickets and the face of the franchise is — Rajon Rondo? Please.

The NBA is a tough place to rebuild, Remember Ainge tried to for several years then wound up making the big trades for KG and Ray Allen — that was the rebuild.

The C’s are caught in the middle…and that doesn’t work in the Association. That’s why the C’s are No. 4 in Beantown right now – and dropping.

What’s your ranking?


— Sox pitchers walk too many guys and Sox hitters strike out too much for my taste.

— I can’t remember a game zapping as much energy from me as that B’s/Blackhawks game one triple overtime thing. I’m not sure I have fully recovered yet.

— Baseball fans…get out and support Legion baseball.

— And, the Senior League World Series too.  Bogaerts…Profar…Jurrgens et al.

— Is there something wrong with the Astros having to dish out a $6.35 million dollar bonus to No. 1 pick Mark Appel before he throws a single pitch as a pro?

— Wonder how much the Sox will dole out to their #1 pick Trey Ball?

— I have to say it was a weird feeling walking past a half-torn-down Bangor Auditorium to get to the new Cross Center for graduation ceremonies.

— The Bruins march to the Cup continues this week with live coverage on Sportsradio 92.9TheTicket