Boston Red Sox have become the Rodney Dangerfield team of Beantown

Hey – have you heard yet? The Boston Red Sox are in first place and we are on the other side of July 4th. You know the old saying,”the team in first on the 4th finishes in first.’

I keep thinking about the Sox story because no matter what Farrell’s boys do so far this year there’s another Boston story that eats up the space.

I think it started back on March 14th. Camp Red Sox in Fort Myers was so quiet and everybody was happy and optimistic. But who knew – that was the day Wes Welker signed with Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos after the Patriots wouldn’t give him his money.

We all wondered about the ole towne team when opening day rolled around on April 1st – it turned out to be an 8-2 win over the Yankees. Then the Sox returned home for the Fenway opener on April 7th with a 4-2 record and you could sense the interest building.

Then all hell broke loose in the sports/news business.

The Boston Marathon bombing in the afternoon of April 15th. Anybody remember that was the day the Sox had beaten Tampa Bay 3-2 and the new guy Ryan Dempster struck out 10?


April ended with the Sox in first place and an 18-8 record. But, hey, we were worried about the Celtics – what playoff spot would they get? Can’t match up with Miami in the first round. What’s wrong with the Bruins? The Jekyll and Hyde team their coach kept talking about. They need to do something.

Along came May 3rd. The Sox were 20-9. But, the Celtics just lost to the New York Knicks 88-80 and were eliminated from the playoffs. So long Big-3? So long Doc?

Then came May 13th. The Sox had just lost back to back games against Toronto and for the first time they were not in first place but still six games over .500. Surely, a struggling Sox story gains some airtime.

Nope. The Bruins made a little comeback that night in game-7 on that other Toronto team, the Maple Leafs. Move over Sox. Hello Patrice Bergeron and company.

In June, the Red Sox won seven series against tough teams and by June 30th they were a whopping 16 game over .500…But did we really notice? After all, a few other stories broke during that time…

June 7th the Bruins finished a series sweep of Pittsburgh – take that Sid the Kid…June 11th the Patriots signed Tim Tebow. What?…June 24th was the day the Blackhawks did in the B’s in the last minute of game-6 of the Stanley Cup Finals…June 24th was the day the LA Clippers and the Celtics agreed to trade Doc Rivers…Two days later, June 26th, Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was led out of his house in cuffs, charged with murder…June 28th is the day the Celtics traded KG and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn…

Surely our Sox team would get attention once July rolled around, right?

Nope again!

The Sox spent July 4th weekend in first place and an incredible 20 games over .500…Under the cover of darkness Danny Ainge hires Butler’s Brad Stevens to coach the Green Team! The Bruins trade Tyler Seguin to Dallas!

And so it goes for the Rodney Dangerfield team in Beantown…your first place Boston Red Sox.


— UMaine’s .400 hitter? Former shortstop Mike Fransoso – hitting .429 (15 for 35) for the Pirates NY-Penn League minors team in Jamestown.

— What’s going on? Only one collegiate player taken in the first round of the NHL draft?

— I hate what the Celtics are doing to their team…I love Brad Stevens…what do I do?

— Garin Cecchini…remember this name…Garin Cecchini. He just might be the next Sox third baseman.

— Wonder what the Boston Garden crowd will do the first time Jerome Iginla is introduced in a spoked-B uniform?