Bruins’ Campbell balks on autograph requests

For the first time ever I can say the following…

A pro player refused to give an autograph and I like the player even more for not signing his name.


Hear me out. I’m talking about Boston Bruins veteran Gregory Campbell. Remember that NHL playoff game back in the spring. He blocked a wicked slap shot with his leg. Turned out the shot broke his leg but he stayed on the ice for about a minute (it seemed like three minutes), limping around while trying to help kill the Pittsburgh power play. It was one of the most remarkable sports moments of the year.

Well, people started requesting his autograph on photos of that play. In all honesty, what a great item it would be. Talk about a conversation piece – ‘hey, look what I’ve got. Remember when Gregory Campbell killed off that playoff penalty with a broken leg…here’s the picture and look, I’ve got his autograph…”

Campbell decided over the summer that he would not sign that photo. He doesn’t think it was any big deal. Here’s his quote, “I don’t want to make something out of that play and make it bigger than something it was. It was a blocked shot that happens countless times in a game and series and things like that, so I was just trying to do what I to do to help this team.”

Now that is a hockey player. That is a true Boston Bruin. That is Gregory Campbell.

And that is why, as the training camp begins this week, the Boston Bruins will have success again this year. I’m guessing any player in the league would love  to be on the ice and kill a penalty alongside teammate Gregory Campbell.


— Did I really see what I saw at Yankee Stadium over the weekend…I’m talking about that advertisement behind home plate stating they will have a Mariano Rivera bobblehead day later in the month? A bobblehead day for the great Mariano Rivera in his final days of his hall of fame career! Are you kidding me?

— I’m trying to imagine just how loud it must be at field level in the “Big House” in Michigan with 115,109 fans for a college football game.

— Tom Rinaldi. ESPN reporter. Next time you hear an anchor cue up one of his stories, stop, and really listen to his words. His sports writing is the best out there.

— It seems like I have heard about more high school athletes being held out of play his fall because of concussion issues than ever before…this is a good thing…no, getting a concussion is not good but the increasing awareness and proper dealing with concussions is a good thing.

— I’m thinking about joining the Sox players and growing a playoff beard when October rolls around…how about you?

— Patriots vs NY Jets Thursday night on Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket. We need a little Rex Ryan talk for a few days, right!