Can you answer these questions on Brady, Sox playoff rotation, Boston’s toughest guy?

Ten burning questions of the week…with answers included.

1) Patriots QB Tom Brady. Is his sideline outburst of anger/frustration directed toward his young teammates or is it really directed toward management as the window of Super Bowl opportunity closes?

2) Is it just me or has the high school football thing in Maine of the haves-and-the-have-nots gotten worse?

3) You get to pick the game one playoff starter for the Red Sox. Are you choosing Lester or Buchholz or Lackey or Peavy?

4) Is there any top-25 PGA golfer that is scared of Tiger Woods today?

5) If Johnny Manziel keeps piling up the stats, knowing what you know about his off-field antics, if you had a Heisman Trophy vote, would you vote for him?

6) Who is the toughest guy in Boston…Dustin Pedroia or Patrice Bergeron?

7) After you watch an event at the new Cross Center will you say “it was worth the money to build this thing?”

8) Quick.  As the Celtics get ready to start training camp, after Rajon Rondo can you name another player on the Celtics roster?

9) How much money in PR value was it worth for North Dakota State football to have the ESPN Gameday show broadcast live from downtown Fargo?

10) If you could have a do-over in high school, what sport would you play that you did not play back then?


1) Management

2) It is not just me

3) Buchholz

4) No

5) Nope

6) Bergeron

7) Yup

8) Nope

9) $4,376,957.52

10 Golf


— Bogaerts, Bradley, Barnes, Britton, Workman Ranaudo et al…The Red Sox named their minor league pitcher of the year – Henry Owens (11-6, 2.67 in A and AA play) and their minor league offensive player of the year – Mookie Betts (.314, 15HR, 68RBI in two levels of A).

— I have no doubt that Gabby Price will right the Husson football ship.

— I am fired up about the Boston Bruins season getting started. For the past few years the B’s have been a great story.

— Interesting… road wins will count more and home losses will count more in college hockey this year when it’s time to pick at-large NCAA playoff teams. Road wins and home losses will now count 120 percent of your RPI (ratings percentage index) value.

— Portland vs Bangor…more than just football bragging rights?Saturday at 1 p.m. live on Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket.