Holiday wishes: good health for Ellsbury; national title for Auburn football; respect from Belichick

Some of my holiday wishes for the sports world…

— I wish someone would invent a better, safer hockey helmet. I know they are out there. I have to believe a better helmet could help stop at least some of these concussions that is robbing the NHL of many talented players.

— I wish the next free agent the Red Sox sign is Rajai Davis. Yes…Rajai Davis. A righthanded hitting outfielder who stole 125 bases over the last three years in Toronto. Let Davis and Jackie Bradley Jr share centerfield and forget about Matt Kemp.

— I wish all high school coaches/school officials who keep track of scoring stats/records would use only regular season and postseason games.

— I wish Bill Belichick would someday realize reporters deserve a little more respect.

— I wish Brad Stevens many more wins. Thank you very much!

— I wish colleges would stop dropping baseball programs. The latest school being Temple.

— I wish Jacoby Ellsbury good health. I really do.

— I wish the sportswriter who sold his baseball Hall of Fame vote to just to prove a point would not have done that.

— I wish Zdeno Chara could play defense for the Bruins forever.

— I wish for a bonus for whoever said  to B’s GM Peter Chiarelli that he needs to get Reilly Smith as part of the trade of Tyler Seguin to Dallas.

— I wish Doc Rivers well in Clipperland. He accused his players of “pouting too much” after losing three of the last four games. Rivers brings his team to Boston Garden for the first time Wednesday night.

— I wish that not a single high school game has to get rescheduled this winter because of weather. What are the chances?

— I wish for Auburn to win the national championship in football.

— I wish UMaine had gotten another opponent, any other opponent except UNH for that playoff game. I think the home advantage would have been a bigger thing.

— I wish and hope for one more Brady vs Manning matchup in a few weeks at playoff time.

— I wish Shawn Thornton had taken just another second or two to think about it before taking down Brooks Orpik the other night in that Penguins game. Having said that, he can be my teammate any day.

— I wish for nice close games every time I broadcast a game…like Bangor vs Hampden, Old Town vs John Bapst and EL vs Bangor girls…all this week on Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket.