Seeking answers: Should a seventh grader be on a varsity team? Would you pick Manziel? Why hold skating championships?

Some hard hitting sports questions as we slip and slide through this awful January weather…

— So we all agree that Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, et al have done more with less this season and will play for the AFC title. If they don’t win it all, how will you feel? Super Bowl or bust? Or, not bad considering everything?

— Who thought of the idea of Red Gendron wearing a UMaine baseball hat while coaching the Frozen Fenway game? A brilliant idea!

— A-Rod gets a 162-game suspension…Less than what MLB officials wanted but more than any player in history. So who wins?

— Wonder who ends up playing the first high school tournament game at the new Cross Center next month? As I write this, it’s MDI and Old Town boys.

— Anybody else feel uncomfortable that super agent Scott Boras is the agent for Stephen Drew and Xander Bogaerts? Does he end up deciding who plays shortstop for the Sox this year?

— NY Knicks nut J.R.Smith likes to go around and untie the opponents shoe laces, getting fined $50,000…what if they made him stop, bend down and tie them? Could he?

— So let me see if I have this right…the U.S. national figure skating championship in Boston over the weekend was held to pick three ladies to be our Olympic team. Ashley Wagner finished fourth but will go to Sochi, Mirai Nagasu finished third but will not go…and just why were the championships held?

— Should a seventh grader really be playing on a varsity team?

— As coach Brad Stevens suffers with this Celtics team, his old Butler team is 0-4 in their new league, the Big East. Butler has lost 3 of its last 4 games in OT. Wonder what he’s thinking?

— Dan Lebatard of ESPN and the Miami Herald gave his baseball Hall of Fame vote to and was surprised at all the attention when he came forward to admit what he had done. Really?

— And one more Hall of Fame thing…who was the one guy to vote for Armando Benitez? Were you the same one guy who voted for Aaron Sele last year?

— Take a look at former UMaine goalie Ben Bishop’s stats this year for Tampa Bay and tell me why he’s not getting the love around the NHL?

— Red Gendron’s Black Bears are 11-7-2…Jim Montgomery’s Denver Pioneers are 11-7-4. Isn’t that interesting?

— If Johnny Manziel was sitting there ready to be picked in the NFL draft and your job was to make the next pick…would you take him?

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