Random thoughts while searching for a lost hour: fewer Tweets from John Henry; third Clement may be the best; NFL is No. 1 for teens

Some random sports thoughts as I search for that hour of lost sleep over the weekend….

— Much ado about nothing…this flap between the Red Sox and Marlins on the weak lineup the Sox sent to Juniper to play an exhibition game.

The Sox were wrong to not send more players, they know the rule. I realize it’s 140 miles away but it’s not like they had to go through Alligator Alley.

The Marlins were wrong for charging fans a higher price for that game. It’s an exhibition game for crying out loud.

John Henry…try a little less Twitter and actually talk to someone once in a while.

— Look out girls basketball programs…Maine’s new Miss Basketball, Allie Clement from McAuley, told me Saturday at McDonald’s All-Star games that her youngest sister, who is 11, is going to be the best of the three Clements.

— Not sure if I’ve seen every college hoops team in the state get eliminated from postseason in a 48-hour time period like what happened over the weekend.

— UMaine hockey beats Merrimack and drops a spot in the national PairWise rankings…go figure.

— I keep seeing those TV promos for the Masters Golf Tournament…all that green grass, flowers in full bloom… and then I read the early morning temperature of 3-below zero every morning on my radio show…it is driving me crazy!

— I want one of those new jobs at MLB where they sit around watching baseball games and wait to rule on the replay calls…sounds like a good gig.

— Zdeno Chara of the Bruins has spent 1,496:57 minutes on the ice heading into the weekend. That is a lot of skating time yet he is only 25th among NHL skaters in that category.

— Among 12 to 17-year-olds who are avid sports fans, what sport would you think is No. 1?

If you guessed the NFL you would be right. According to a new ESPN Sports Poll, 39% youngsters say they are avid fans of football. 30 % say the NBA. Then the poll says NCAA football at 27%, NCAA basketball at 23%, MLB and MLS soccer next tied at 18%, NHL at 9%.

— 19 games left on the Boston Celtics schedule…but who’s counting.

— Just when I’m getting used to daylight savings time…now I’m in the midst of “legal tampering time” in the NFL. Do we lose any more sleep because of this?