These lines best describe UMaine’s new men’s basketball coach

Bob Walsh became just the fifth head coach in University of Maine men’s basketball in the last 43 years when he was officially introduced at the new Cross Center last Friday.

I have attended the last four press conferences of the new coaches – Rudy Keeling, John Giannini, Ted Woodward and now Bob Walsh.

I find it interesting to observe the opening day dynamics each time.  The smiles, the nerves, the eye contact, the words, how the words are received.

Here are some of the Walsh lines from his press conference I noted…

—  “My players (at RIC) gave the greatest gift you could give a young coach. They believed in me.”

— “My goal is to be the oldest living basketball coach. I want to coach forever.”

— “When people walk out of this building (Cross Center), I want them to say ‘man, I love how hard that team played’.”

—  “When I met with the players this week, I told them if we can’t trust you (on and off the court), you can’t be part of this program.”

—  “My leadership style is very direct. My approach is honest.”

— “Running a transparent program is important to me. I’ve got to reach out and invite people in and see what we’re all about and be proud of it.”

A half dozen great lines that help describe a 42-year-old guy who gets to run his first division-one program.

On another topic…LA Dodgers outfielder Yusil Puig gets headlines for flipping his bat on home runs and sometimes fly balls that come up short of the fence. The Giants pitcher wants to punch him for his antics.

But what about our Big Papi, David Ortiz. Anyone see Saturday night’s home run at Texas? His time trotting around the bases – 31.09 seconds. According to that’s the third slowest home run trot in MLB this year. Guess who has the two slowest? Yup, Big Papi!

Does this make Papi the triple crown trot winner?

And finally, for the first time in years, I watched the CBC (Canadian Broadcast) of the Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens game No. 5 playoff.

No wonder Montreal fans act and respond to hockey the way they do!

That was the most biased, home-cookin’ telecast for a national broadcast that I think I’ve ever seen.

I get it’s a Canadian company. I get Montreal is the only team in the country in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But when Brad Marchand threw a Montreal player’s helmet to the corner of the rink (which deserves comment, no doubt), do you have to say ‘Montreal would like to do the same thing with Marchand’s helmet, with his head it in’!

FYI, Bruins playoff action live on the radio this week on Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket.