Triple Crown tweaking triggers triplicate thoughts

Let’s set aside the timing of California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn and his post Belmont Stakes rant for just a minute and think through some things…..

— Is it possible to have just a three-race event – the Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont with (x) amount of horses that pre-qualify and only those horses can race in the Triple Crown?

— Or, how about doing it like NASCAR. The same (x) amount of horses garner points for where they finish in all three races. The horse that gets the most points wins the Triple Crown?

— Can MLB go to the present Triple Crown system for this year?  I would like to have the Red Sox skip the pennant race, the ALDS and move straight to the ALCS. I think that could work for this Sox team!

— Most fans know Miguel Cabrera won the MLB Triple Crown in 2012 (before that it was Yaz 1967). Anybody remember what the Triple Crown of MLB pitching is? Wins, ERA and strikeouts…who knew — Jake Peavy won the NL Triple Crown with the Padres in 2007!

— Let’s face it, Coburn’s post-race rant had a lot do with money… A Triple Crown horse gets much more for breeding rights than a horse who finishes tied for fourth on the last race…I think Mr. Coburn should think about his $10,000 initial investment on California Chrome and consider himself lucky…and a richer!

— Did you know there is a Triple Crown for trotters (Hambletonian, Yonkers Trot, Kentucky Futurity)  and pacers (Cane Pace, Little Brown Jug, Messenger Stakes) in harness racing? Only 4 times has a horse won the trotters Triple Crown, only 10 times for pacers.

— Anybody notice California Chrome had a long…a really long face after the race. (drum roll, please)

— In the Perry Martin/Steve Coburn ownership of California Chrome, Martin does all of the management duties, Coburn is in charge of media relations…They made need to re-think those duties.

— Mark my words…Coburn’s getting a TV reality show out of this!

— In the 1961-62 NBA season, the great Oscar Robertson of the Cincinnati Royals averaged a triple-triple for the season (30.8 PPG, 11.4 APG, 12.5 RPG)…should that be called a Triple Crown?

— Amazing what you learn after a story like the Triple Crown attempt…According to Forbes, The New York State Racing Association is a non-profit arm of the state of New York and runs three tracks, Belmont-Saratoga-Aqueduct.  In the last three years, the tracks had an operating loss of $184-million bucks…who knew?

— Win or lose, California Chrome got people buzzing about the sport of horse racing…and I will put down a $2 bet that they keep the Triple Crown rules just the way they are!