It’s time for Sox GM Cherington to trade some of Boston’s young talent

An open letter to Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington….

Dear Ben,

As you know, springtime crossed over to summer this past weekend.

Up here in Maine we went through the winter from hell. Spring was no picnic either. So this 2014 summer is very important to us up here.

A big part of summer in Maine is following your team. At camp, in the back yard, in the car, the Sox remain a hot topic. So I feel I need to get this off my chest right away.

Your team is driving me crazy!

I thought three world championships in ten years would quench my thirst. But instead it has made me only more thirsty.

I can’t stand these losing streaks.

I can’t stand the lack of hitting.

I can’t stand Big Papi complaining about hits and errors.

Make it stop, Ben. Make it stop!

I’ve looked at your outfield and I’ve looked at possible free agent outfielders for the off-season…I don’t see an answer.

That means you have to take some of your young talent and go set up a trade with the Miami Marlins and get Giancarlo Stanton.

He’s 24-years-old. His 5-year, 162-game average stats: .270 / 39 HR / 101 RBI.

Ben, I love Mookie Betts. I love Henry Owens. I love Brandon Workman.

Gulp! Trade them and whatever else it takes to get Stanton. (Yes, even if it means giving up super human Brock Holt!)

Look, we all know the AL East is wide open.

Look, we also know not every young, talented player you develop is going to wear a Sox uniform.

It’s the perfect time.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Dale D.