Rounding the bases: advice for Bradley Jr., a World Series prediction, and the Red Sox MVP

Let’s title this week’s edition “My baseball thoughts heading into the last week of the season” or “Where the hell did the summer of 2015’ go…

— I think the thing that bugs me most about Pablo Sandoval is the fact that in 2020 the Red Sox have a team option to pick up his contract for $17 million…or, they can buy him out for $5 million. Good grief!

— How am I going to root for the Cubbies in the postseason and detest manager Joe Maddon at the same time?

— Quick…name the manager of the first place AL Central Texas Rangers?

— The next game in this final week if/when Jackie Bradley Jr gets two hits here is my suggestion. Sit him for the remainder of the season. Let other teams remember those two hits. Then trade him.

— Yoan Moncada will be the next Mookie Betts. He won’t play second base for the Sox but he will be so good they will create a spot elsewhere for him.

— How do the St. Louis Cardinals do it? How do they do it every year?

— The Rich Hill story still blows me away!

— Wouldn’t it be something if the Red Sox went 6-1 in this last week to finish 81-81?

— Poor Philly…The Phils have to pay Cliff Lee $12.5 million to buy out the last year of his $27.5 million dollar deal.

— Anyone notice an extra smile on David Oritz’s face when he came to the plate for the first time Sunday? It was his 600th plate appearance and that kicked in the final million dollar bonus for next year. He gets $16 million next year…By the way, Big Papi has now had at least 600 ABs in 10 of his 13 seasons in a Sox uniform.

— I’m calling it right here – The Blue Jays and Dodgers will play in the Fall Classic. (Which will go into the month of November unless there is a World Series sweep)

— The Red Sox MVP down the stretch just might be Don Orsillo. He has bit his tongue and simply done his job down the stretch knowing he is out of the TV booth after Sunday.