Sports discoveries: Ferentz is 6-0; MLB rule change needed; great win for UMaine field hockey

As we celebrate another Columbus Day here are some sports items that I have discovered lately (or maybe knew all along)…

— Tom Brady has an even bigger chip on his shoulder than I thought.

— MCI football is dominating even more than I thought. The undefeated Huskies have outscored their LTC opponents 288-18. That is with a 1-0 forfeit game (Camden Hills) and the new second half running time run.

— Perhaps the most impressive win recently is the UMaine field hockey win over UAlbany. The Great Danes were ranked #6 in the country and the Black Bears scored FOUR second half goals to win 6-2.

— The next time the Boston Bruins play Montreal the game is actually in Foxboro… outdoors… January 1st… at Gillette Stadium. Hey Brady, are you available to lace em up?

— I discovered that former UMaine football coach, Kirk Ferentz, is the dean of coaches in the Big 10. His 17th season as Hawkeyes coach is off to a 6-0 start.

— By the way, I finally figured out why I like this year’s UMaine football uniforms from past years…It’s the ‘Black Bears’ above the numbers on the chest. Free advertising — make it big and bold!

— Of course LA Dodger Chase Utley didn’t intend to hurt Mets SS Reuben Tejada. But, MLB, if you are going to protect the catcher on collisions by changing the rules, change that one too. Make the runner sliding into second base go straight into the bag or else they are out!

— If Winslow football wins out and Old Town wins out in Class C, are we headed for a coin toss for #1 seed? They do not play each other. They both play the same 8 teams. The Crabtree Points should be the same. The Heal points should be the same. Can you say ‘heads or tails’!

— How tough is the Class B North football? Skowhegan 5-1, Brewer 5-1, Brunswick 5-1, Mt. Blue 5-1.

— I keep looking at these MLB playoff teams and I keep thinking the Red Sox are not that far off.

— What if…golf played the President’s Cup/Ryder Cup to start the PGA season? Kind of like NASCAR starting with the Daytona 500. Wouldn’t that be a great kick start to the golf season instead of getting buried by football et al in the fall?

— I have noticed a lot, I mean a lot of empty seats around these NASCAR Sprint Cup tracks this year.