Sports musings: here’s an investigation Ted Wells could handle; Lester uncomfortable; go Celts!

Sports musings while I wait for the Patriots to kick butt in Indy…

— Maybe it’s just me, but…Jon Lester has not looked comfortable in a Cubs uniform all year. I can’t explain it. He just doesn’t look comfortable.

— I’ve gotta say this – the Paul Bunyan statue in front of the Cross Center looks a heck of a lot better than that thing Michigan and Michigan State play for.

— Later in the season, Wisconsin and Minnesota play for Paul Bunyan’s axe and that leads me to say – can’t we conduct a real investigation into Paul’s real birthplace. Is it Maine, Michigan, Minnesota? Could Ted Wells be capable of handling this one?

— Fox Sports is using Pete Rose in its baseball studio coverage. Now A-Rod, the former high school QB, is in the Fox studio coverage for NFL pre-game. All this is so Fox!

— I hate to see coin flips decide things but I think we are going to need some to decide some high school football playoff positions this year.

— When  it comes to college hockey it’s all about the PairWise Rankings. It is interesting to note that despite a 0-1-3 start UMaine is #20 PWR. Ahead of teams such as 2-1 BC (#27) and 3-1 Denver (#23).

— Red Sox top-5 prospects: #1 2B Yoan Moncada, #2 3B Rafael Devers, #3 OF Manuel Margot, #4 P Brian Johnson, #5 OF Andrew Benintendi…Hmmm, who would you include in a trade for a #1 starter? Or are you ready to pay that starter $200 million in free agency?

— Call me crazy but I can’t wait for the Boston Celtics season to get started!

— Wonder if former UMaine Black Bear Devin Shore will be in a Dallas Stars uniform when they come to Boston Garden on November 3rd…6 goals in his first 3 games with their AHL team.

— The Montreal Canadiens are the only unbeaten team in the NHL…arrgghh!

— In speaking with Fort Kent’s Austin Theriault, I am convinced he knows he cannot hurry to get back in a NASCAR truck. He knows he must be healthy first.

— Gotta love Tom Brady’s dad wanting to drop 60 points on the Colts.

— So after all Theo Epstein and the Red Sox went through with Manny Ramirez. After all Joe Maddon and the Rays went through with Manny the player. There is Manny celebrating on the field with the Cubs. He is not listed as a coach nor is he listed as support personnel. He continues to be Manny Being Manny.