These questions need some answers

In the sports reporting business, we are always asking questions…and I find myself asking a lot of questions lately…for instance…

— Who is going to be the next UMaine football coach? A young buck climbing the coaching ladder? A lifer type? Will he know, I mean really know, how tough a job it is?

— Will I ever be able to say the new North Region and South Region in Maine high school sports without hesitating first? Should East and West names have been changed? Are there better options?

— Can Red Sox Nation warm up to David Price? Why does his days in Tampa Bay still stick in my mind? Who did we really want the Sox to get? Did he really mean it when asked about his playoff struggles during the Fenway press conference he said he was saving the wins for Sox post-season? What would be the first thing I buy if someone gave me $217 million?

— Will UMaine hockey ever get another Paul Kariya? Isn’t that what is really needed to jumpstart things? One ultra, super-duper, talented player who is a must see…would you go every Friday and Saturday to see that guy?

— Is this committee thing the best way to decide the playoffs in big-boy college football? Besides the chairman, Jeff Long, and Condoleezza Rice, can you name another member? Who’s paying for their time, travel and food? How much is that? Does the committee actually meet in a city named Grapevine, Texas?

— Can the Boston Celtics get good enough for Danny Ainge to make a trade to get a star player or two? You don’t really think the current group is good enough to win a title, right? Will a star or two upset the apple cart? Who do you really want from today’s list of stars?  Will Larry Bird, Kevin McHale or Robert Parish be walking through that door?

— Will you agree with me that the New England Patriots look tired? I know the injuries have been devastating but I see tired team. Is it possible the me-against-the-world thing has taken so much emotion that the tank is running low? Is it really possible that the Pats finish third in the AFC and don’t get a bye? Is it possible that the Eagles game is last year’s KC game?

— Finally, I wonder what Santa is going to bring me? Wonder if I have been a good enough little boy this year?