Tourney time looming: 500-win coaches may meet, parity for B North boys, kids just want to play

Cleaning out some high school basketball thoughts as the regular season quickly turns to tourney time in the week ahead…

— I just can’t believe the weather in December-January! Did we have a record low of rescheduled games because of snow/ice travel issues?

— I think the most unsung, least publicized solid player I’ve seen is Bangor point guard Ethan Dorman.

— I still scratch my head when thinking about Boothbay coach I.J. Pinkham. 601 wins with two regular season games left this week.

— Anyone notice the whopping 170 Heal Points gathered by the Lawrence girls? With two games left the Bulldogs could get close to 200!

— By the way, if (and I know the is a lot of work to be done between now and then) Lawrence and York were to meet for the Class A girls state title, it would be a matchup of two 500-plus win coaches, John Donato and Rick Clark. Has that ever happened before?

— Heading into the final week, will the youngest high school team ever (?), Southern Aroostook girls (Roster 8:  four freshmen, fourth 8th graders) finish #1 in Class D North?

— How about a shout out to #1 Rangeley girls, #1 in Class D South. (Roster 13: five freshmen, three 8th graders, two sophomores, a junior and two seniors).

— Glad I don’t have a vote for Mr. Basketball Award…Who ya got?

— Let’s see…down the stretch in Class B North boys…#1 Orono meets #3 Old Town, #4 MDI meets #5 Ellsworth, #5 Ellworth meets #1 GSA (Class C)…So go ahead and predict the final standings at your own peril! 69 years after Durwood Heal first designed this system, it still rocks!

— I don’t think I’ve heard one player all season say anything about having to play up a class in the new five-class system. Further proof — kids just want to play!

— If Hampden beats Nokomis Tuesday night at ‘the stable’, the seniors on Broncos like Nick Gilpin, Brendan McIntyre and Connor Moore will have never lost a home game in their four-season career. How many can say that?

— It will be fun to see the MDI, Houlton and Presque Isle girls battle for #1, #2 and #3 spots in Class B North in this last week.

— Hey Cross Center chef…remember, I get the first tourney hotdog!