As basketball tip off looms: How do you stop Beal and Rossignol, how do Heal points work?

With the new high school basketball season opening Friday, I offer my predictions of things I guarantee will be said around Maine in the comings weeks…
*  When asked by reporters what did you say to your team about making it to the Bangor Auditorium in its final year, a coach will say, “oh, we never talk about that, just the next game.” A reporter worth his/her salt will know not to believe it.
*  A fan will yell from the stands in disgust, “hey ref…you’re missing a good game tonight.”
*  I will run into someone who will say, “I don’t have a clue how to figure out those Heal Points, do you?” As always, I will respond – nope, but they seem to be working again this year.
*  The first time…in fact, every time a player shoots and misses everything, the opposing student section will yell “air ball…air ball.”
*  As tourney week draws near, I will be heard saying “this season just seemed to zoom by.’
*  A coach will yell out to a player near the end of a game, “no fouls, no fouls” and within seconds there will be a reach, a whistle, a foul call. The player will say to his coach, “I didn’t mean to.”
*  An athletic director will say to me after a bunch of snow day cancellations, “I don’t know when we will get all these games in.” Then, because they are good at what they do, they will find a way.
*  More than a few fans will say during tournament week, “I’m going to miss this ole barn”.
*  Downeast coaches will say more than once “you can’t stop Garet Beal from getting his points, you’ve got to contain other guys”.
*  Up north, girls coaches will say the same thing as they game plan against Parise Rossignol.
*  Someone will ask me leading up to tourney week, “you gonna get the first hotdog?”  As always, my answer “you betcha.”

—  For the 12th consecutive year Little League baseball will play its Senior League World Series at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor. The 2013 dates are August 11th through the 17th.
—  The Atlanta Braves non-tendered pitcher Jair Jurrjens, who played at Mansfield as a senior leaguer for Curacao. Might be a chance for the Red Sox to sign him. He’s only 26.
—  Georgia football has a safety with a last name of Rambo. How great is that!
—   Come on Bob Kraft. Just pay Wes Welker the money now. If he’s not there against the Dolphins do the Pats win?
—  I had to check the box score twice on Castleton State vs UMaine-Farmington men’s basketball the other night. Castleton was 16 of 40 from 3-point range. That’s 40 3-point attempts in 40 minutes of play!
—  From the “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction” category…The Canadian Football League held its Grey Cup game (CFL championship) a couple of weeks ago at Rogers Centre in Toronto (Argos beat Calgary 35-22). The halftime show featured Justin Bieber and Gordon Lightfoot, both
Ontario natives. The crowd booed Biebs and cheered Gordo. One fan was quoted as saying, “J-Biebs doesn’t scream football, you know? Gordon Lightfoot – that’ll be the time I turn back from the beer garden and watch. The fan was 22 years old. Lightfoot sang a tune called “Canadian Railroad Trilogy”. I assume he performed a cut down version. The song is 13 minutes long!