A Christmas wish list: trade Iglesias, a Notre Dame win, no Belichick sarcasm, coal for the NHL

Like many folks, I have procrastinated with my Christmas wish list.
So Santa, I know it’s last minute but I know you’ll do your best….
— The Associated Press top stories of the year – 1) Penn State scandal. 2) Lance Armstrong fall. I’m wishing for a list next year that is about sports accomplishments and not disgraced sports figures.
— I wish Red Sox GM Ben Cherrington would stop bringing in all these National League guys — Victorino, Stephen Drew, Hanrahan, et al. I worry NL guys just don’t cut it in Beantown.
— The Houston Astros have hired a guy with four science degrees to be their Director of Decision Sciences. Santa, this sounds like a neat gig. I wish I can have a job with a title like that?
— I really, really, really wish Ray Allen was still wearing Celtics green.
— I wish the new Bangor Arena would be built with an 84-foot floor, not 94. That 10 feet is a big difference for many high school kids.
— I wish a lump of coal for all parties in the NHL lockout.
— I wish for a Notre Dame win over Alabama in the BCS Championship game.
— I wish nothing but the best for Cody Ross, now an Arizona Diamondback. He seemed like a good guy.
— I wish for more bad games ahead for the LA Lakers. Never enough losses for those guys.
— I wish and hope a team in Eastern Maine B will give the Presque Isle girls basketball team a game during the regular season…but I’m not sure it will happen. They are that good.
— I wish Jose Iglesias would get traded. Let’s face it, he’s never going to be the Sox starting shortstop. Get something for him now, Ben.
— I wish once, just once, Bill Belichick would say something at a press conference that is not mumbling, sarcastic,  and said with a lack of respect for the sports reporter profession.
— I wish for no more bad weather days that wreck havoc with the high school schedule. (OK Santa, I know I’m really asking for a lot now!)
— I wish Cleveland manager Terry Francona all the luck in the world — he’s going to need it.
— I wish the college schools and conferences musical chairs game would stop.
— I wish Kevin Garnett’s body could keep up with his spirit. But it can’t.
— I wish BC coach Jerry York his 925th win this week. He will become the winningest college hockey coach. A good guy.
— I wish everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!