Boston’s 2013 World Series title can’t top 2004 crown

I keep hearing from many Red Sox fans that this 2013 World Series win is the best ever – better than 2004.

I say this…are you kidding me!!!

To borrow a phrase – Come On Man!!!

I get the winning-it-at-Fenway-for-the-first-time-since-1918-thing… I get the-worst-to-first-thing…I get the-Boston-Strong-thing.

But, please…I remember 2004, I was there in 2004. This 2013 win is no 2004 win.

The 2004 Red Sox did something that hadn’t been done in 86 years – that’s 86 YEARS! Remember how we all felt?

I know this year’s team came back from the Bobby Valentine debacle… The 2004 team came back from that little Grady Little pitching decision in 2003.

In 2004, the Sox won 98 games and had to settle for the wildcard spot because the Yankees won 101 games.

The 2004 Red Sox had to play the first two games in the ALDS in Anaheim and won both. Then, remember how game three ended? A walkoff David Ortiz 2-run homer in the bottom of the 10th! Bring on those Yankees!

The ALCS began with two Yankee wins – and they beat Pedro and Schilling. We were cooked.

And then the Yanks won game three – 19-8! This series was over.

But Kevin Millar said those magic words “don’t let us win one game”.

The Sox did win that one game (6-4) in 12 innings. Another Big Papi walkoff! Curtis Leskanic was the winning pitcher, for crying out loud!

Then they won game again, in 14 innings. Another Big Papi walkoff hit!

Remember how tired you were?

Then it was Schilling “bloody sock” game six. A 4-2 Red Sox win and the series is tied.

Game seven wasn’t enough close, a 10-3 win. The comebacks of all comebacks!

I know, I know, the World Series was a little anti-climatic, a four game sweep of the Cardinals. But the Sox were world champs for the first time in 86 years! People told me they visited grave yards to tell loved ones that the Sox had finally done it!

Kevin Millar, reverse the curse, Pokey Reese, the Dave Roberts steal, Pedro, Cowboy Up, Mark Bellhorn, the Nomar trade, Doug Mientkiewicz, who has the game-winning ball, Johnny Damon, the bloody sock, Schilling and his “why not us” T-shirt, the dirt dogs…

Remember how you tired… and happy you were?

2004…No. 1 forever!


— Not sure what Gustav Nyquist has left to prove in the AHL. He’s got 5 goals and 8 assists for 13 points in Grand Rapids first 9 games. The Red Wings have salary cap issues which is why Nyquist is down on the farm.

— How ‘bout the UMaine Fort Kent women’s soccer team. USCAA national champs for the third time in four years.

— So the Las Vegas oddsmakers say the LA Dodgers are favorites to win it all next season – anyone taking that bet?

—  What are you doing on Saturday December 7th? I’m thinking Maine football just might be playing a home playoff football game.