Trophy time: Check out these players and numbers behind three Red Sox title teams

I have got to say this…three World Series trophies lined up… side by side by side at the Cross Insurance  Center Sunday morning is one impressive site!

It also forced me to go back to look at some of the players and their numbers behind those three titles. Just how did the Red Sox win the 2004, 2007 and 2013 championships…

— The Red Sox record in postseason for the three title years…33-11.

— We complained some about Stephen Drew…but Julio Lugo played 147 games at shortstop in 2007…Pokey Reese played 96 games there in 2004.

— Big Papi hit .301/41/139 in ’04,  .332/35/117 in ’07,  .309/30/109 in ’13.

— Keith Foulke had 32 saves in 2004, Papelbon had 37 saves in 2007, the combination of Koji/Bailey/Hanrahan had 33 saves in 2013.

— A typical Sox fan lost an average of 3.26 hours of sleep per game night in ’04. It went down to 2.97 hours lost in ’07. It went back up slightly to 3.23 in ’13.

— Thank you American League all-stars for home field advantage all three times.

— The Sox used 141 different batting orders in 2004, 109 in 2007, 127 in 2013.

— Remember Pedro Astacio (’04), Devern Hansack (’07) and Steven Wright (’13)…each started one regular season game in a championship year.

— In 2004, catcher Jason Varitek hit 18 home runs…in 2007 ‘Tek hit 17…in 2013 the combo of Salty/Ross hit 18.

— Setup guys: Mike Timlin appeared in 76 games in ’04…Hideki Okajima appeared in 69 games in ’07, Junichi Tazawa appeared in 68 in ’13.

— Which high maintenance guy would you like to manage…Pedro in 2004, Manny in 2007 or Alfredo in 2013?

— The longest losing streak in 2004 – 5 games…in 2007 – 4 games…in 2013 – 3 games.

— Maybe April does not matter, but…the Sox were 15-6 in the first month of ’04…16-8 in ’07…and 18-8 in ’13.

— Wondering if one-run games really matter…the Sox were 16-18 in those games in 2004…22-28 in 2007…21-21 in 2013.

— The Sox started all three title years on the road. FYI, 2014 starts in Baltimore.

— The pitching staff keeps getting younger with each title…average age was 32.5-years-old in 2004,  31.1 in 2007 and  30.2 in 2013.

— Finally…not to get greedy, but…the Sox haven’t won back-to-back titles since 1915 / 1916. Lewiston’s Bill Carrigan was manager…bet third base coach Brian Butterfield would be more than happy to be the next Mainer to do that!

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