More Sox talk is a certain cure for our winter weather woes

Here’s one more attempt to snap this miserable winter weather.

I’m going to write about the Red Sox…surely that will help bring warmer temps and green grass.

Two weeks to go until opening day against Baltimore and this is what I see from 1,700 miles to the north…

— The Red Sox won’t say it, but they are not ready to hand over center field to Jackie Bradley Jr. The Grady Sizemore thing is real. But how many outfielders can they keep on the roster?

— No team is going to trade for Mike Carp. They will wait for him to be released by the Sox and that’s just what the Sox may have to do.

— To Ben Cherrington…just work out an extension with Jon Lester. Let’s not play the Big Papi type mind games..get ur done!

—  A.J.Pierzynski will be better than Salty, just watch.

— I’ve learned to appreciate Daniel Nava more and more.

— Ditto Shane Victorino.

— John Farrell is the man. This is his second training camp and other than the usual Papi musings, have you heard anything from any player that comes close to complaining? Nope.

— if Will Middlebrooks can’t get the job done, just what is plan B?

— I’ll admit it. I’m a little worried about the Tampa Bay Rays. Good pitching and their lineup is better.

— Ditto the Yankees.

— Anybody got any anti-stress pills to give Allen Webster. This guy has all the pitches needed to win big league games but…

— We should should know some things about the AL East early: 14 of the first 23 games the Sox play are against Baltimore and the Yankees.

— Koji, Tazawa, Mujica, Breslow, Miller, Britton, Workman, et al. The bullpen is going to be just fine.

— I find myself glued to everything Xander Bogaerts does.

— Why can’t every player be like Dustin Pedroia?

— Just wondering…if the Sox get off to a slow start will the beards make an appearance?

— Remember the name Francisco Cordero. As I write this, 5 spring games, 5 innings pitched, 0 runs, 3 saves…If he going to be this year’s Koji?

— I’m pulling big time for lefty pitcher Rich Hill…we all should.

— It stinks that there will be a National League team (Milwaukee) at Fenway on April 4th when the Sox get their World Series rings.

OK…I feel better about our weather now. How about you?