A team in Boston deserves more respect and more of your attention

I don’t about you, but I’m a little tired of tank-talk and just what number draft pick the Celtics are going to get once this miserable season ends.

I also think it’s great that the Patriots have Revis Island and I’m glad that Edelman is back in the fold. But football is the fall…can we get a spring and a summer first, please.

I am ready for Sox talk but we must remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. We’ve got time.

I want to give some love to Boston’s best team…right now.

The Boston Bruins!

Consider the following…

— The B’s are 32 games over the .500 mark at 49-17-5.

— That’s 10 wins more than their closer competition in the division.

— In 2010-11, the Stanley Cup year, the Bruins won 46 games.

— Heading into Monday night against Montreal, the B’s have won 12 in a row. They haven’t won 13 in a row since the 1970-71 season.

— At the moment, no team in the NHL has more than a 5-game win streak going.

— Their record against the vaunted Western Conference is 16-4-4.

— The B’s goal differential (goals scored, goals given up) is +78. That is +32 better than any other team in the east, +11 better than anyone in the league.

— The Bruins traded Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin in recent years and those two players are third and fifth in the NHL scoring. David Krejci is the B’s top point getter at 25th place. Kessel and Seguin teams are fighting for wildcard playoff spots.

— The top three players in the plus/minus stat (on the ice when scoring vs. on the ice when other team scores) are Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci and Jerome Iginla.

— So who would you rather have…Kessel and Seguin…or Bergeron, Krejci and Iginla?

— Want a tough team? The B’s are third in the NHL with 41 fights.

— Want a balanced team? Other than Chara and Boychuk, no other player averages more than 20 minutes of ice time.

— Want a young team? Only five players are older than age 31.

— The Bruins are actually $2.7 million dollars under the salary cap.

— 9 different players are double digits in goal scoring.

— Tuukka Rask has a 2.07 GAA. His backup, Chad Johnson is better at 2.04.

In other words, the Boston Bruins are pretty good…and a pretty good story!