Spring sports thoughts: Emrick deserves Emmy; Sox lack depth; a vote for Julien

Some sports thoughts while waiting for the May sun to turn the grass green….

— The baseball phrase I’m starting to detest the most…there’s a close play on the field and the announcer says “ they’re going to New York for a look at the play.”

— The Sports Emmys are announced this week. The play-by-play list is Marv Albert, Bob Costas, Mike Emrick, Joe Buck and Mike Breen…here’s hoping for Mike Emrick. His pbp on the NHL is incredible.

— Take that Mother Nature…you give us no spring weather and Husson vs. Castleton State softball played for the championship indoor (Mahaney Dome) and it was some of the most exciting sports drama you could ask for.

— Geez, I’m getting sick of the Tampa Bay Rays whining about everything.

— Please calendar, get to the NFL draft…I can’t take many more mock drafts from Mel and McShay!

— Sea Dogs second baseman Mookie Betts…56 consecutive regular-season games reaching base safely…I know it’s not the same kind of 56, but I bet even Joltin’ Joe would be impressed.

— Even after all these years, everytime I watch that NASCAR race at Talladega I see the Kodiak car with Maine’s Ricky Craven in it flipping over and over and over before coming to a stop.

— Mike Carp hit in the cleanup spot for the Red Sox Sunday afternoon…anybody think there is a depth problem with this Sox team?

— I wonder what Bruins  No. 1 draft pick and Providence B’s goalie Malcom Subban is thinking these days? Is he rooting for the team that drafted him or his brother PK?

— I just looked…the is only one MLB team that is 10 games over 500 – the Milwaukee Brewers…how is  parity in baseball workin’ for you?

— Wouldn’t Doc Rivers make a great NBA commissioner?

— Carl Crawford got a base hit for the LA Dodgers on Sunday, raising his average to an even .200…He is making $20.25 million dollars this season. Interesting note – according to Cot’s Baseball Contracts website he has a clause in his deal that reads “if traded, club acquiring him may not subsequently trade him to NY Yankees”…hmmm.

— Wonder if Tom Brady made any money betting at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday?

— Name one coach you would like to have coaching the Bruins other than Claude Julien? I can’ think of one either.