UFC, Senior League World Series touched all the bases for Bangor

Hope everyone enjoyed the Saturday sports day in Bangor! Not sure we will ever see another one like it!

ESPN broadcasting live Senior League World Series action from Mansfield Stadium followed by Fox Sports broadcasting live UFC from the Cross Insurance Center.

Some follow-up thoughts on the day…

— Talk about some down-to-earth real Maine openness…UFC boss and Hermon’s own Dana White says at the post-fight press conference “attendance was 5,329 and the gate was $321,470.”

— By the way, White said ahead of time that he wanted to bring this event to Bangor even if it lost money… $300,000 sounds like a lot – I’m guessing he did lose some money.

— I just watched the ESPN replay of the SLWS championship game – I don’t think Mansfield Stadium ever looked better. The cameras showed a lot of clean and green.

— Total live and replay coverage of the game on ESPN was over 6 hours. How much would that cost the city if you tried to buy that airtime?

— Ditto the airtime on Fox Sports and the number of Bangor mentions.

— Dana White gets it. He really gets it!

— Alex Cora was game analyst for ESPN at the SLWS. Interesting to see him take accolades from Mainers for being a part of the 2007 Red Sox world championship. He was good to have around that year. And, it makes me wonder, how did the Sox win with Julio Lugo as the shortstop?

— I am happy for Tim Boetsch. Many were saying the Lincolnville Mainer had to win that fight to keep his UFC job.

— Let’s see if we hear the names Raysheandal Michel, Swindly Lint, Zaino Henriquez or John Doxakis in future baseball stories about contract signings or draft picks.

— A tip of the cap to many volunteers who worked hard to make these events happen.

— Wonder if there were any hotel rooms available in Bangor last Friday and Saturday night?

— I hope they give Owen Holt a chance to win that starting QB job at his high school down in Texas. He missed the first week of football camp because he was a little busy hitting almost .500 for the SLWS champs.

— I think I hear the Maine Sports Hall of Fame calling the name Dana White.

— It’s going to be tough to  cover the two-a-days for fall sports this week…can I get a day or two to unwind?